School Fees

School fees are based on an annual basis and vary depending on how many children attend from a single family.

School fees pay for:

  • The teachers,
  • Teacher support personnel,
  • School administration,
  • School costs (such as postage and stationery),

2024 Amana Christian School Fee Increase: 


Financial Report … 

 (4) Increase in School Fees across the board of $5 per week again per child to cover obligations to staff in relation to Government increase in the living wage and because of reduced government support and GST. (2900+260=3160 ie 230 with GST) 

* Note that because of GST of the $2900 per child fees you pay we get only $2521.74 Government support has dropped from above $1000 per child to about $800 because the total for Private and Homeschoolers has not changed for more than 10 years and numbers have increased. It is also subject to GST. 

Onsite (Mosgiel) School Fees

The following Fees are valid for the 2024 School Year.

# ChildrenFee Per TermFee Per YearCost Per Child Per Year
1 Child$790$3,160$3,160
2 Children$1,355$5,420$2,710
3 Children$1,750$7,000$2,333
4 Children$1,985$7,940*$1,985

* $7,940 is the most any family will have to pay per year for fees (this includes A.C.E. curriculum costs).
A.C.E. curriculum costs (year 7 & 8) are $200 per year.
A.C.E Curriculum costs (year 9 – 13) are $500 per year.
Fees may be paid at the beginning of each payment period. Payment periods can be agreed with the school and may be weekly, monthly by term or yearly.
All fees include a building levy of $115.

Distance Learning Fees

Distance Learning Fees are the same as the fee table outlined above (this is because staff wages expenses are still required under distance learning), however, younger students (up to about age 7) require more parental / guardian involvement supervision than older students. For children ‘School Years 1 & 2’ the fees are discounted by 25%, recognising the fact that parental / Guardian supervision and involvement is much greater.

  • Distance Learning enrichment costs are not included in the above and are typically paid directly by parents. Enrichment includes art, music, sport, craft and projects, etc.
  • Distance Learning students are responsible for their computer, internet and communications costs
  • A.C.E Curriculum costs are additional and typically in the range of $200 – $600 depending on the number of subjects taken and postage costs. Parents will be invoiced on Pace books etc purchased and postage used for their child(ren).

Distance Learning Savings

Families experience the following savings over other private schooling models:

  1. No uniform requirement for Amana Distance Learning (savings from $500-$1,000 per student per annum),
  2. Reduced Travel Costs for school drop-off and pick-up (save from $3 to $15 per day),
  3. General stationary costs are very low due to use of the A.C.E workbooks.

Distance Learning International

  • $3,160 School Fees (as above)
  • $1,200 For M.o.E funding lost because student is International
  • $200 International Student Levy
  • $750 ACE Books & Postage (Estimate)
  • $200 Admin Fee
  • Total School Fees = $5,510 (per year)

Onsite (Mosgiel) International Fees

Please contact us directly regarding international student options.

  • International Primary Student (Year 0 – 8): $1,600 per term, approximately.
  • International Secondary Student (Year 9 – 14): $1,800 per term, approximately.
  • All fees include building levy of $115.

Amana Christian School is a registered signatory for the International Student Code of Practice.


Scholarship and sponsored tuition positions may be available for both onsite and Distance Learning. Please contact us directly for details.